Items that we have received in the last couple weeks

In the last couple of weeks we got some new items. One of the suppliers that I usual use to get unusual item gave me a call…

He said “I just got a shipment of men and women sex toys and they are banned in 14 countries. Then he told me that he thought I might want to put them in the catalog.

I asked what he had and he replied with 13 different items that I thought were folk lore and they were interesting but it was the 14th item that got me. It was the jackhammer dildo. I did not think that it existed but he told me that we was holding it as we spoke.

The dildo that he was talking about measures in 17 in long and 6 in wide. It holds 4 d batteries that if kept on will run for about 2.5 hours. It looks very real and real big! That being said it is also very realistic to the touch. It is waterproof and dishwasher safe. The one thing that is different that other dildos is that it is wider at the top then it is at the base. So if you do purchase this item be safe and patient while inserting it into an area. Once you do though I have been told it is one of the most fulfilling experiences ever. It can be used in an harness that is o ring compatible and the base is non slip so you know once it is in it will stay there. Also can be used in the microwave so it can be warmed up to body temperature so it can feel like a real person.

It also can be boiled if you choose to clean it that way and do not want to put on toy cleaner. If you want you can also bleach it. It weighs 27 ounces with out the batteries in it. It comes in white or black skin tone and is very realistic with its veined texture.

Just like everything there are the good things (which are listed above) and the bad things (listed below).

It is called the jackhammer for two reasons the size and the sound. It makes the sybian sound silent. So loud that if you share a home with somebody else that you do not want them to know that you are using it they better not be there. I have had alot of people ask me that if I ever got it to send it to them and lucky for them I am sending it off to them. I have 8 of them left as of now so act now if you want it. If you want to see it being used in a video go to thisĀ step brother sister sex page and see it.

If there is something that you want us to get lets us know with an email at Happy shopping

If you would want to order from us…

We have all the products for you that are in the adult sex help world. From the world famous fleshlights to the new and improved xl jackhammer dildo we are the place to go for you adult toy needs. A few years ago my wife and myself started to sell some of these items out of our garage. Now we have a catalog that goes out to over 70 countries from around the world. If you are ordering from us make sure that the item that you are ordering is legal in your country. We had to redo this post in regards to ordering because some of the items that people we ordering was getting sent back due to legal issues of the items that were ordered from us. So make sure that you can have it in your location. If you need a catalog you can get it by emailing us at form there one of us here at the office will email you our catalog. If you find an item that you would like email us with the item number your address and a payment and we will send it off A.S.A.P. Kf it goes to the U.S.A. allow some more time that usual because of there customs we have been down this road before with this. Average is about 1 week later than expected delivery to be safe. When you receive your order about a week after delivery we will email you a review of the item and our site. If you complete it you will receive a coupon for 50% off of your next order by mail.

We do have a new royalty program which is called the extender card. What happens is when you have five separate orders that have been paid in full and the reviews have been sent back to us when you order your 6th item you will get it for free ( as long as it is equal or below you average sale on your last five orders). When you receive your first review from us tell us that you want to be enrolled in to the extender program and we will put your last order on to it. Then from there we will do the rest.

We have everything that you need in the bedroom from KY Jelly to gay girl porno. If we don’t have it let us know what you are looking for and we will try to get it.

We want your bedroom experience to be exciting every time so look for us for the items to help you get there.